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Meet Our Artistic Producers

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Iowa Stage Theatre Company is excited to announce the addition of Davida Williams and Alex Wendel to the organization. They will step into newly created roles as Artistic Producers.

Together, Alex and Davida will work to drive Iowa Stage Theatre Company’s artistic mission to transform Iowa, its citizens, and arts community by producing truthful, relevant, and intimate theatre that inspires, enlightens, and entertains.

Their leadership roles will curate Iowa Stage Theatre Company’s season and lead programmatic efforts on behalf of the organization.

“Davida and Alex are the right fit for Iowa Stage Theatre Company as we move into the next stage of growth for our organization. They will be key to accomplishing our goals of developing opportunities for collaboration, involving new artists and technicians, and increasing accessibility to live theatre for our community,” said Sue Dittmer, Iowa Stage Theatre Company Board President.

Davida is elated to be chosen, along with Alex, as Artistic Producer of Iowa Stage. Davida is a Des Moines native, who brings not only 30 plus years acting experience, but a tenacious passion for storytelling and a deep aspiration to bring about positive change through theater. Davida wants to create an even bigger spotlight on our local theater community, while maintaining an active focus on diversity, inclusivity, and representation both on and off stage.

You can reach Davida at:

Alex feels honored to be a representative of Iowa Stage and our professional theatre community as Artistic Producer. Alex is an Iowa native that recently made his way back home. In his time away he has received a bachelors in Theatre Arts from Northwestern College, a masters degree in performance from the University of Idaho, training certificates from the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia, and various credits around the country. In the last year since moving here he has been humbled by the welcome he's received, and looks to serve this community alongside Davida Williams as they pursue new and exciting opportunities for Des Moines theatre.

You can reach Alex at:

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