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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility



Iowa Stage Theatre Company (ISTC) envisions a world of inclusive, diverse, equitable, and anti-racist theater.


ISTC staff,  administration, and Resident Artist Company are honoring Black artists in Iowa through reflection of our shortcomings and our failure to model this world within our own company.


We will regularly review the demands and principles outlined in We See You White American Theater and use this document to guide us as we enact institutional change. We will have honest, uncomfortable conversations to put in place anti-racist policies with the goal of keeping our organization accountable.


The work in front of us is on-going, extensive and requires constant dialogue as our theater does the critical work to move ISTC and our arts community toward a more just, inclusive, diverse, equitable, and anti-racist future.

This page will expand and evolve as we continue the journey of anti-racism work. Please check back often.

Principles We Must Address

We will work to provide a safe and anti-racist environment for BIPOC members, leaders, staff and artists by addressing the following areas:



We will take care to employ culturally competent costuming artists and place value on artistic skills, not just for how an artist racially or ethnically identifies. 




Our leadership and staff will employ intentional and honest efforts to establish consistent, meaningful, longterm relationships with BIPOC artists.



We will provide leadership, staff, and Resident Artist Company with anti-racist, implicit bias and bystander training.

Transparentcy &


We will require creative teams to undergo
anti-racism workshops at the beginning of the rehearsal or tech process and ensure accountability with signed statements.

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