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  • Sue Dittmer—President

  • Jeff Mason—Vice President (Bank Iowa)

  • Ben Sheridan—Treasurer (Capitol View Credit Union)

  • Dani Boal

  • Chuck Kuba (Iowa Diamond)

  • Bonnie Hodson

  • Jen Lindberg (BrownWinick)

  • Craig Miller (Miller Mechanical Specialties)

  • Shea Wild (Studio Iowa)

  • Donna Scarfe, Resident Artist Company Representative

  • Todd Warming, Resident Artist Company Representative

Public Committees:

  • Community Engagement

  • Events

  • Marketing

Our Board is an integral part of our organization.

They are community leaders and subject matter experts who have a mind for business, a passion for the arts, and who strive to shape our theatre for success.

Does this sound like you?

Contact us today to discuss how you can be involved.

Update from the Board of Directors

April 26, 2023

On behalf of the Iowa Stage Theatre Company Board of Directors, we would like to address the recent issues that have come to light with more detail in an effort to provide transparency with the community. First and foremost, we apologize to all those who were hurt by the lack of action taken by our former leadership. Personal apologies have been conveyed to the individuals involved and we haveopened the lines of communication with them and others to seek ways in which we can prevent this from happening again. If you haven’t been contacted and want to meet with us, please reach out. We have found in our discussions that there are people who have not been heard or at the very least have not felt heard. In either case, communication, follow-through, and documentation are areas we have identified that need our attention and focus.

We have had some major changes in our leadership due to the events that transpired. The new President of Iowa Stage Theatre Company is Sue Dittmer, an avid patron of the arts and friend to many in the central Iowa theatre community. Sue has been meeting with the cast and crew of our upcoming production A Bright New Boise, to make sure their needs are being met. 

The Chicago Theatre Standards were adopted to provide a safe space to create theatre. However, it is just a document if it isn’t incorporated into our culture. In production settings that document is brought forward with everyone involved in the production at the first rehearsal. We failed in our promise to keep that document in front of the Board of Directors. There will be training set up to help us all understand how it applies to all aspects of our organization including the Board of Directors, Resident Artist Company, and our guest artists that join us in productions.

This is a rebuilding time for Iowa Stage, and it will take time to determine the next steps, decide what our season looks like moving forward, and continue to resolve the issues of the past weeks. We are currently looking for people who believe in Iowa Stage and have a passion for theatre in Central Iowa to join our Board of Directors as we rebuild. If you have time, ideas or just want to talk about some of what's next, contact us at Many people have been quick to criticize; here is your chance to be part of creating a strong professional theatre in Iowa. 

In the midst of all this, we have a production coming up featuring amazingly talented artists. Come support the wonderful actors, cast and crew of A Bright New Boise as we continue to work to make things right.​

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