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The New Look Of Iowa Stage Theatre

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Iowa Stage Theatre Company is poised for exciting changes in our upcoming third season. We are excited to unveil a redesigned logo and website, an ambitious undertaking as we look to the future.

As we enter our 2019-2020 Season, our administration reflected on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to be in our commitment to excellence in local theatre.

Artistic Director Matthew McIver, Board President Joe Benesh, and Past-President Dave Miglin met with local marketing experts to consider new approaches to propel us forward, starting with a redesign of our logo, branding, and website.

Before starting such a massive project, it was important to take stock of where we came from; to look to our foundations to help define how we move forward. Central to the Iowa Stage Theater Company mission are the following tenants which guided the redesign:

  • To present contemporary and classic plays

  • To foster a local creative community

  • To elevate the artistic profile of Iowa and expand the theatre experience for our audience

  • To communicate the qualities that ISTC strives to achieve in all our marketing materials and branding

The administrative team worked closely with company graphic designer Laura Jordan both to redesign the logo and shape our branding to more clearly communicate our who we are and what we offer to Des Moines.

The final updated logo design is an angular icon illustrating a spotlight on a black box stage. The redesign is built with clean, contemporary lines, bold colors, and assertive shapes to reflect ISTC’s versatility in storytelling that resonates with today’s audiences.

We proudly welcome you to tour our new website at, where we’ve added a blog, simplified the navigation, and shaped our design with you in mind to deliver a better experience.

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