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"On The Exhale" Examines Gun Violence in America

11th JUNE 2021


Martin Zimmerman’s On The Exhale performed by Resident Company Artist Donna Scarfe is presented by Donna Scarfe and the Launch Program of the Iowa Stage Theatre Company at Westminster Presbyterian Church, July 9 & 10 at 7:00 PM.

On The Exhale looks at our two-sided relationship with firearms through the eyes of a grieving mother–turned–gun enthusiast.

When a senseless act of violence changes her life forever, a liberal college professor finds herself inexplicably drawn to the very weapon used to perpetrate the crime—and to the irresistible feeling of power that comes from holding life and death in her hands. Peering down the barrel of a uniquely American crisis, she begins to suspect that when it comes to gun violence, we’re all part of the problem.


Woman: Donna Scarfe

Donna Scarfe has acted with the National Theatre of the Deaf (CT), Deaf West Theatre

and Serendipity Children’s Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.Since moving to Iowa, Donna

has performed with the DM Playhouse, Kate Goldman Theatre, Tall Grass Theatre, Stage

West, Scriptease, and is a founding member of the Iowa Stage Theatre Company.

Iowa Stage Theatre Company is central Iowa’s home for award-winning theater that inspires, enlightens and entertains. ISTC’s Launch Program supports local artists and groups to produce and market their projects, using ISTC’s resources and experience to assist the growth of the central Iowa arts community. “We are excited to support Donna with this passion project.”

Westminster Presbyterian Church - 4114 Allison Ave., Des Moines, IA 50310

$15 tickets can be purchased on EVENTBRITE from June 11.

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