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Meet the Characters of A Bright New Boise

A Bright New Boise, opening May 12th, is a story of faith and forgiveness in a box store. It follows Will who moves from his rural Idaho hometown and gets a job at the Boise Hobby Lobby looking for a fresh start – and a chance to meet Alex, the brooding teenager he gave up for adoption. However, Will’s secrets follow him, and soon everyone, from foul-mouthed manager Pauline to shy dreamer Anna and especially Alex’s adopted brother Leroy, is pulled into them.

This moving yet funny play was a breakthrough for playwright Samuel Hunter, a graduate of University of Iowa, and won the Obie for best play.

Meet the characters through these short videos from the cast.

Alex, played by Joey Furnald, is about to graduate high school and is planning to go to school for music. When his estranged father shows up to work at the same Hobby Lobby, his life is turned upside down.

Will, played by Michael LaDell Harris, is a man running from his past (and living out of his car) who tries to start anew by going to work at a Hobby Lobby where his son, Alex, works. His son who he has not seen since he was a baby.

Pauline, played by Jennifer Hughes, is the manager at the Hobby Lobby where A Bright New Boise takes place. She has brought the store back from the brink of being closed and has turned it into a thriving Hobby Lobby. The store is a bright spot in her life.

Leroy, played by Jake Leiberton, is an avid custom shirtmaker, and he prides himself on pushing people's boundaries. He is also fiercely protective of his adopted brother, Alex.

Anna, played by Maggie Schmitt, is currently working her 8th job in the past few years, and is trying to find her place in the world and someone to trust.

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