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Written by William Shakespeare

Produced By Salisbury House & Gardens

June 12-16, 2019

Salisbury House & Gardens

Produced By


This story of unadulterated ambition, black magic, and brutal chaos will ignite in the dark of night in the shadow of of the looming Salisbury House Castle. Set in medieval Scotland and partly based on a true historical account, MACBETH charts the bloody rise to power and tragic downfall of the warrior Macbeth, backed by his brilliant and ruthless wife, and surrounded by magic and chaos.

Macbeth Cast:

Macbeth - Tom Geraty*

Lady Macbeth - Alissa Tschetter-Siedschlaw*


Hecate - Jennifer Hughes

First Witch/Porter/Messenger/Murderer - Kelly Schaefer*

Second Witch/Seyton/Murderer - Nate Jorgensen

Third Witch/Messenger/Murderer - Hannah Stenback


Duncan/Seward - Paul Miller

Malcolm - Benjamin Sheridan*

Donalbain/Young Seward - Ethan Seiser

Banquo - James Serpento*

Macduff - Shawn Wilson*+

Lady Macduff - Alex Rundle

Lennox - Mason Ferguson

Ross - Kailen Fleck*

Fleance/MacDuff’s Son - Jessica Wade

Directed by Brad Dell*

*Resident Artist   =Member Actor's Equity   +Cloris Award Winner  

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