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A View From The Bridge

By Arthur Miller

Generously sponsored by American Enterprise and Strategic America

Feb 23 - Mar 4, 2018

Set in 1950s New York in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, this searing and timely modern tragedy follows Eddie Carbone and his wife Beatrice, who shelter Beatrice's orphaned niece Catherine as she studies to become a stenographer - at least, until two of Beatrice's male cousins from Italy move in. Illegal immigration, unsanctioned love affairs, and the liberty to pursue individual happiness all come under fire; and before it is over, the entire immigrant neighborhood will be hurt in unimaginable climax. Arthur Miller's unequaled ability to show the triumphs and pitfalls of the common man shine through clearly: loyalty to community and family, fear of the unfamiliar, and the need to recognize, understand, and control our impulsive urges.

Louis - Michael Clinkscales

Mike - Tom Geraty*

Alfieri - James Serpento*

Eddie - Shawn Wilson*+

Catherine - Abigail Feldman

Beatrice - Kerry Skram*

Marco - Bryan Vaughn

Rodolpho - Michael Harris*

First Immigration Officer - Chris Williams
Second Immigration Officer - John Audlehelm

Mr. Lipari - Jim Meade
Mrs. Lipari - Donna Scarfe*

Tony/Submarine 1 - Jack Davidson

Submarine 2 - Johnny Kroll

Directed by Matt McIver*


*Company Member

+Cloris Award Winner

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