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Iowa Stage Theatre Company

Upcoming Auditions


Iowa Stage Theatre Company (ISTC) is holding auditions their fall productions of A Doll’s House and A Doll’s House Part 2. Here is further information about these auditions.


General Info:

  • ISTC has adopted the Chicago Theatre Standards as a code of conduct for our company. You can learn more about these standards here:

  • If you are unable to attend the scheduled time for auditions, your may make alternate arrangements for a time prior to the scheduled audition, or may self-tape an audition for consideration. All self-taped auditions will be reviewed by the director and artistic director.

  • Auditions may be recorded. Attendance or non-attendance of these auditions does not restrict future opportunities with ISTC.

  • Actors who wish to read together will be permitted to do so, but may also be asked to read with others, including the audition reader.

  • Except as noted, all roles are open to all ethnicities, and LGBTQ actors and actors of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

  • Iowa Stage Theatre Company has a Resident Artist Company, but welcomes and relies on artists across the community to create our work.



Saturday, June 29 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Callbacks on June 30 as needed

Actors who cannot make this time can schedule a time BEFORE this date to be seen, or may self-tape (see general info above).

Where: Iowa Stage Rehearsal Space: 111 11th Street (between Cherry and Mulberry; two blocks from the Des Moines Social Club)

To Schedule: Please contact Lauren Dursky at to schedule an audition.


Shows and Audition Requirements:


A Doll’s House

Written by Henrik Ibsen

Directed by Jennifer Nostrala

Performances: September 26 - October 12

Rehearsals begin August 2019



  • Nora Helmer – wife of Torvald, mother of three, is living out the ideal of the 19th-century wife, but leaves her family at the end of the play.

  • Torvald Helmer – Nora's husband, a newly promoted bank manager, professes to be enamored of his wife but their marriage stifles her.

  • Dr Rank – a rich family friend. He is terminally ill.

  • Kristine Linde – Nora's old school friend, widowed, is seeking employment . She was in a relationship with Krogstad prior to the play's setting.

  • Nils Krogstad – an employee at Torvald's bank, single father, he is pushed to desperation. A supposed scoundrel, he is revealed to be a long-lost lover of Kristine.

  • Anne Marie – Nora's former nanny, who gave up her own daughter to "strangers" when she became, as she says, the only mother Nora knew. She now cares for Nora's children.

Audition Sides (click to view): An audition reader will be provided.


A Doll’s House Part 2

Written by Lucas Hnath

Directed by Jodi Jinks

Performances: October 3 - 13

Rehearsals begin August 2019


Audition Sides (click to view): An audition reader will be provided.


A Doll’s House Part 2 takes place 15 years after the events of A Doll’s House


  • Nora Helmer

  • Torvald Helmer

  • Emmy Helmer, the daughter of Nora and Helmer

  • Anne Marie, the Helmer family's Nanny